Classic Templates and Favourite Codes


What are Classic Templates and Favourite Codes?

There are two template modes - Classic v.s. Universal 

NOTE: The Classic Templates and Favourite Codes features are only visible to the users who have templates or favourite codes created before April 2022. 


Classic Mode: This is the “original version” of Template and Favourite Code functions. In classic mode these features can be set up separately.

Universal Mode: This is a new template mode that was implemented in the system in April 2022. The universal mode combines the Templates and Favourite Code functions and synchronizes the templates between the web app and the mobile app in real time.

Click here for more information about Universal Templates.


How to Set up Classic Templates and Favourite Codes?

Favourite Codes

Favourite Codes allow users to configure up to 20 different service codes, which can be quickly selected when creating new claims.

To set up the most frequently used codes, go to the Settings (under username) → go to My Favourites


To enable Favourite Codes, select My Preferences on the left menu → scroll down to TIME SAVING FEATURES (Advanced) → select Enable Favourite Service CodesSave All Preferences

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Classic Templates

Templates (Classic Mode) allow users to utilize templates, which can quickly pre-populate fields when creating new claims in the “New Claims” screen.

A Classic Template contains the following fields:

  • Template name
  • Facility
  • Diagnostic code (Dx)
  • Manual review
  • Service codes and quantity

To add templates, go to Settings (under username) → Add Template under My Templates


Watch this video for more details on how to set up Classic Templates and Favourite Codes:


Will my pre-existing Favourite Codes and Templates be lost if I switch to the Universal Template?

Users who have created Templates and/or Favourite Codes before April 2022 have the options to switch between the Classic and Universal Modes (under Settings -> My Preferences). For the first time when switching from the Classic Mode to the Universal Mode, you will have the option to migrate your pre-existing Favourite Codes to the Universal Templates. They will also become available in the mobile app templates. You can switch between Classic Mode and Universal Mode at any time and the pre-existing templates and favourite codes will not be lost.


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