OHIP Billing Tip #18 - Time Saving Tip - Universal Templates


Universal Templates

We’ve updated our popular billing template so that they sync across all devices. With Universal Templates any change you make on the mobile app will be mirrored to the web version of the template, and vice versa. This means you will no longer need to maintain two sets of templates. 


In addition, you can now do the following with the templates:

  • Edit or delete the pre-defined templates
  • Reorder the templates, categories, service codes, and diagnostic codes
  • Restore the templates to the system default if you have deleted a template in error
  • Share your templates with colleagues using the mobile app


What do I need to do to get started with Universal Templates?


Step 1. Go to Settings (top right)

Step 2. Go to My Preferences 

Step 3. Scroll down to Time Saving Features (Advanced), check off “Enable Templates

Step 4. Click Save All Preferences

You will then be able to see the templates when creating or editing a claim.


What if I have created Favourite Codes under the Classic Mode:

Users who have created Templates and/or Favourite Codes before April 2022 have the option to switch between the Classic and Universal Modes (under Settings -> My Preferences). For the first time when switching from the Classic Mode to the Universal Mode, you will have the option to migrate your pre-existing Favourite Codes to the Universal Templates. They will also become available in the mobile app templates. You can switch between Classic Mode and Universal Mode at any time and the pre-existing templates and favourite codes will not be lost.switching temp mode.png


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