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MSP diagnostic codes (MSP Dx): How to find the right code using

The diagnosis lookup function will allow you to spell-out the diagnosis within your claim and a list of related codes will popup for you to select the appropriate code.

Our searching diagnostic codes tutorial has more details if you need them.

What are MSP diagnostic codes?

MSP requires 3-Digit or 4-Digit diagnostic codes to be included on all claims submitted by physicians.

Which diagnostic codes to use?

MSP currently uses the ICD-9 list of diagnostic codes.

Background: Diagnostic codes allow MSP to verify claims and generate statistics about causes of illness and death. 

Diagnosis classification systems have been implemented based on patient encounter types such as emergency, inpatient, outpatient, mental health as well as surgical care. The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) is a widely used classification system for diagnosis coding.


As the knowledge of health and medical advances arise, the diagnostic codes are revised and updated. Hence, there are lists of ICD-8 codes, ICD-9 codes, ICD-10 codes.


List of MSP diagnostic codes


List of diagnostic codes from MSP: A full list of the ICD-9 diagnostic codes can be found on the MSP website.

You also have the ability to enter Three Diagnostic Codes

Looking for MSP explanation codes for your rejections?

Here is the complete list of MSP explanation codes.


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