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How to bill K083 (Virtual Specialist Consultation or Visit) Efficiently

Background: When conducting a specialist consultation or visit virtually (by phone or video), K083 would be billed in place of the applicable in-person consultation or visit fee. According to OHIP Bulletin #4745, the quantity for K083 = listed fee of the services provided in the SoB, rounded to the nearest $5, divided by 5.


We have developed a new feature "Convert to K083A" that allows you to easily convert regular in-person codes to K083.  With a simple click, convert an in-person consultation or visit code to K083 with the correct quantity.

quicktip.jpegDepending on your discipline of medicine and practice, you may find the automatic virtual codes  A[][]VA or E[][]VA a better solution.


Here are the steps:

On the NEW CLAIM page

Step 1: Enter the in-person service code and click "Add Entry (F7)"

Step 2: Click Action on the right-hand side of the service code -> select "Convert to K083A"


The service code will then be replaced with K083A with the appropriate quantity



On the MY PATIENT LIST page:

Step 1: Select the in-person service code

Step 2: Click the Edit (pen) button for the service code


Step 3: Check off "Convert to K083A" and click "OK" button


The service code box will change to orange, which indicate the code will be converted to K083A




  • This feature is only available for the A-suffix in-person outpatient Consultation and Visits codes. 
  • This feature is only available on the web. We plan to have this feature for the mobile app early in the new year. 

Don't forget to enable the Auto-Populate Virtual Tracking Code feature. This feature will help you automatically add the K300/K301 to your virtual services as per the new rules from OHIP INFOBulletin 210904.


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