Virtual Services - New Modality Indicator Tracking Code K300 & K301


What Are the Modality Indicator Tracking Code (K300 & K301) And How to Bill


Effective October 1, 2021, virtual services (K080, K081, K082, and K083) rendered on or after October 1, 2021 will require a modality tracking code to be submitted with the claim to identify the technology used to deliver the service: phone (K301) or video (K300). Either tracking code pays $0.00 as it is for tracking purposes only. Failure of adding the tracking codes will cause claim rejection. Please refer to the OHIP INFOBulletin 210904.



How do I enter the tracking codes?

We have a feature "Auto-populate Tracking Code" that allows you to add the tracking code effectively.


I don't see the new codes in my app. What should I do?

You will need to update the mobile app as follows:

Navigate to the left menu -> Preferences -> Refresh App Data -> Update. You should then be able to see the new codes/ values when creating a new claim.

How to refresh medical billing mobile app data.


Common Rejections:

DF - Corresponding fee code has not been claimed or was approved at zero

The K300A or K301A is submitted alone without a corresponding K-code on the same claim, on the same service date. Please add the virtual services (K080, K081, K082, or K083) to the claim and resubmit.

How to resubmit a rejected OHIP claim

VTC - Virtual Tech Code Required

A virtual care K-code (K080A-K083A) is submitted with a service date of October 1, 2021 or later without a modality indicator tracking code on the same claim, on the same service date. Please add one of the modality tracking codes K300A (video) or K301A (phone) to the claim and resubmit.

A3E - No Such Service code for date of service

The K300A or K301A is submitted with a service date prior to October 1, 2021. See instructions here for more details. Please remove the K300A/K301A modality indicator tracking code and resubmit the claim.

D7 - Not allowed in addition to other procedure

More than one modality indicator code (K300A + K301A) is submitted with one of the virtual care K-codes on the same claim, on the same service date. The MoH will accept K300A and apply the explanatory code D7 to the other code (K301A).

A3H - Max Number of ser FSM MC

The Maximum number of units allowed for this service has been reached. The K300A/K301A modality indicator has been billed with a quantity greater than 1. Please change K300A/K301A to quantity 1 and resubmit.



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