Auto-Populate Virtual Tracking Code (K300 / K301)


Auto-Populate Virtual Tracking Code (K300 / K301)


Effective October 1, 2021, K080, K081, K082, and K083 services rendered on or after October 1, 2021 require a modality indicator tracking code to be submitted with the claim to identify the technology used to deliver the service: phone or video. Failure of adding the tracking codes will cause claim rejection. Please refer to the OHIP INFOBulletin 210904.

K300 - Tracking code for virtual services provided by video

K301 - Tracking code for virtual services provided by phone


A new feature "Auto-populate Tracking Code" has been developed that allows physicians to select a "default" modality (phone v.s. video) and for our system to automatically add the tracking code to the service dates (on or after October 1, 2021) where virtual service codes (K080, K081, K082, K083, A[][]VAE[][]VA) are billed. 



On the Web portal

Step 1: Go to Settings -> click on My Preferences on the left menu -> Check off Enable Auto-Populate Tracking Code under "Time Saving Features (Advanced)"



Step 2: Go to New Claim or My Patient List

Step 3: Select one of the default options and create a claim

  • None - Do not add tracking code
  • Video (K300A) - Automatically add K300A 
  • Phone (K301A)- Automatically add K301A

Once you create or update a claim, the appropriate modality tracking code will be automatically added to the service dates where virtual service codes are billed. 



On the Mobile App

Step 1: Enter the virtual service code(s)

Step 2: Tab Virtual Track Code to select the applicable modality indicator

Step 3: Save the claim

The tracking code will be automatically added to the service date(s) where virtual service code(s) are found.


Our system will remember the modality option so you do not need to select it again after you log out and log back into the portal.


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