Bulk Change


How to make changes to claims in bulk

When you need to make the same correction to a number of claims, it is tedious to go into each claim and make the change. We have a Bulk Change feature that allows users to make the same correction on multiple claims at once

Note: Changes are only allowed for the claims in an "editable" status, i.e. Saved, Rejected, or Private Claims, except for "Bulk Add Comment".


Here are the steps:

  1. From your Dashboard, select Bulk Change on the left menu
  2. Select the bulk change item and enter the Claim ID range*
  3. Add a comment with a reason (optional)
  4. Click Submit
  5. Enter your billing number to confirm the request

*When entering the Accounting ID’s that require the change, you may choose to enter each individual ID separated by a comma (example: 12345,12347,12350,12355) OR you can select a range of claim ID’s by using the dash symbol- if the ID’s are in consecutive order (example: 12345-12445).






You can see the status (pending v.s. completed) at the bottom of the page. Requests for Bulk Change are usually completed within 5 minutes.




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