One Physician Account - review submissions by others


Do you work at multiple places where an administrator or billing agent uses to submit claims on your behalf?


Your account is your single-entry point to view and manage all your billing information.  It was designed to give a complete view and control of your billing records no matter who submits claims through our platform.


As a physician, your One Physician Account has master access to:  

  • All claims submitted through the platform by administrators (clinic staff, billing agent, etc..) and EMR integrations under your billing number.

  • All billing groups you are associated with the platform.

  • Historical records of services paid and rejected for the last 7 years.


pngtree-light-bulb-icon-vector--light-bulb-ideas-symbol-illustration-png-image_1694700.jpegDid you know that..

Physicians are ultimately responsible for their billing irrespective of who submits claims for them.  This is also true when you bill under a group (group claims are always submitted with both the group and physician’s billing number).

What are the benefits of the One Physician Account?

When you have multiple parties submitting claims for you in our system, the One Physician Account provides you easy access to all your claim information irrespective of who submits your claims. It gives you the ability to view between your solo and group claims, enabling you to audit your claim payment by others.  



You will be able to view detailed claim information submitted by administrators (clinic staff, billing agents, etc..) and 3rd party integrations (EMR, other software).  Audit payments and find out if rejections are being followed-up.

One Account


You will be able to manage who has access to your One Physician Account. You will have a single account to manage all claims submitted under your billing number (solo or group). 

Goes where you go


Your Physicians One Account will remain with you throughout your career. As long as your administrators, billing agents, and 3rd party integrations submit through, you will have complete access to all your detailed claim records. 

How does the One Physician Account work?

You will get one single  account for life. As long as claims are being submitted through our platform by your clinic, billing agent, or EMR integration, you will be able to log into your account and use it to view all your claims wherever you work.  


Can I see who has access to my One Physician Account?

Yes, you can manage who has access to your account through the Manage Users feature.


Will my data remain when I leave the clinic and remove the administrator?

Your One Physician Account will maintain all your claim information, even if you remove administrators and EMR integrations from your account in the future. 

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