COVID Assessment / Vaccination Centre Billing - FAQ & Common Rejections


H409 / H410 Claims - FAQ & Common Rejections

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a diagnostic code required?


Is a facility code required?


What name and DOB should I use when creating the dummy patient profile?

Any name and DOB.

Can I use the same dummy patient to submit these billings?


What is my Assessment Centre group number?

Please contact your Assessment Centre administrator to obtain their group number.

The message below shows when I add a group. What should I do?

You can disregard the message as your MC EDT account has been set up for solo billing.


How do I bill for the services conducted at two different COVID Assessment /Vaccination Centers?

- If the COVID Assessment Centre group number is the same for two different sites, add up the time and bill one H409. For example, you work at Centre A from 9am to 12pm and Centre B from 1pm to 4pm on the same day, you will bill H409 x 6 at one claim (if you submit at two separate claims, the second H409 will be rejected due to duplicate submission)

- If the Assessment Centre group numbers are different for two sites, submit two separate claims with two group numbers and flag both claims as Manual Review.


Common Rejections:

VHB - No HN Required for FSC

H409A/H410A must be submitted with Health Number 9777777779 (dummy patient record). See instructions here for more details.

ESF - Not eligible to bill (FSC)

Add MOH Group = Mxxx (COVID Assessment Centre group number) and resubmit the claim. See instructions here for more details.

A3H - Max Number of ser FSM ref MC

The maximum allowing quantity for H409 is 10 units (i.e. 10 hours) per day (7am to 5pm). Bill H410 for after hours (5pm to 7am Monday to Friday, weekends, holidays)


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