OHIP Billing Tip #27 - Import Spreadsheet


Import OHIP Claims Using a Spreadsheet

Data entry can be very tedious.  To save time, we created a feature to import claim information into our system.  You will need to use our spreadsheet template, which outlines all the data required to create a claim with the Ministry of Health.


Some common use cases for this feature are:

  • Export patient/claim records from your EMR and importing them into No need to re-enter the information in our system.
  • Billing the same patients repeatably over a period of time.  It may be easier to edit a spreadsheet on a monthly basis rather creating a claim record manually each time.  ie/ Long term care patients, where you bill the same code once per month.  Using a spreadsheet, you can simply edit the service date on a monthly basis, and then import the file into our system.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click Import Claims on the left menu.
  2. Click the MS Excel icon to download the template. 
  3. Once all the claim information is entered in the spreadsheet, click Choose File to select the file to upload
  4. Click Submit to upload the spreadsheet

Once the spreadsheet is uploaded, you can manage your claims in like any other claims you have added to your account.


For the common uploading error and solution, please see Import Claims - Upload Errors.


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