Palliative Care Codes: Billing Palliative Care Effectively


Palliative Care Codes: Billing Palliative Care Effectively - How To Use Automatic Code (G51XA) 

By using’s software automation you can save time, improve accuracy, and ultimately, maximize your monthly revenue.

Important: please familiarize yourself with the Schedule of Benefits, and how the automation codes work. If you are not sure, do not use the automation codes.

The palliative care case management code G512 can be billed once per week if you are the MRP. Billing G512 can be tedious. We have created a “back billing” code that will automatically bill once per week in the following priority:

  • To the last G512 found in the system
  • To the full consult found
  • To the last 6 months

The algorithm assumes you have been providing continuous care for the patient, and that you started the management of the patient either when you first billed the G512 or the full consult. If neither are found in the system, we will bill to the last 6 months (the maximum allowed timeframe before OHIP considers the claim stale dated).


This automation code is available for the following disciplines:

  • Family Practice & Practice in General (00)
  • Internal And Occupational Medicine (13)
  • Medical Oncology (44)
  • Haematology (61) 


Simply use the code G51XA and our system will automatically bill G512A once per week as per the above algorithm.

Be careful using this code if you did not provide continuous care (ie/ you were not the MRP at all times) as somebody else is likely billing this code. Whoever bills the palliative care code first will get paid.

Please find more automation codes by logging into our portal -> HELP -> “Automation Codes”.


There is also a video tutorial that teaches you how to use Automation OHIP Code

For more billing tips, please check out our Billing Tip Library.

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