OHIP Billing Tip #15 - DIY Medical Billing Resources


OHIP Billing - DIY Resources

You need help billing but don’t need a Medical Billing Agent now.  Save time and earn more® by taking advantage of the resources or delegate your billings to experts at an affordable price.

Below is a summary of our resources:

  • OHIP Knowledge base: extensive do-it-yourself articles to help you manage your billings. 
  • Video Tutorials: Step-by-step guides on how to use our software and specific billing scenarios for most practices.
  • Manage Users:  built specifically for physicians who want to delegate their OHIP billing responsibilities to their staff. An invited user in acts as an employee to your account. You can set permissions for what your users can view and perform. 
  • Ad-hoc Services: Billing assistance at $50/hour when you need it: fix rejections, reconcile, or bill non-OHIP claims.

For more billing tips, please check out our Billing Tip Library.

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