Automatic Code E[][]VA - K083 for Follow-Up/Assessments + E078


How to bill virtual follow-up/assessments with E078 premium effectively

If you are eligible for Chronic disease assessment premium E078 (please refer to the OHIP Schedule of Benefits, page GP25), you can use automatic code E[][]VA, which resolves to service code K083 at the value of the equivalent in-person the assessment codes plus the value of the equivalent E078 premium, rounded to the nearest $5.00.

Noted: E[][]VA follows the same rules as A[][]XA

As an example, for Medical Oncology (44), the automatic code is E44VA. The algorithm will bill K083A with quantities as follows:

Automatic codes conversions table K093

The automatic code E[][]VA is available for the following disciplines:

  • Geriatrics (07)
  • Endocrinology & Metabolism (15)
  • Neurology (18)
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (31)
  • Radiation Oncology (34)
  • Medical Oncology (44)
  • Infectious Disease (46)
  • Respiratory Disease (47)
  • Rheumatology (48)
  • Haematology (61)
  • Clinical Immunology (62)
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