[BC MSP] How to Enter Anesthetic Procedural Fee Modifiers



How to Enter MSP Anesthetic Procedural Fee Modifiers

If the modifier has a fixed fee (e.g. 01071), you can add the code following the anesthetic fee code(s). Please see the screenshot below as an example. 
If the modifier is a percentage code, i.e. 01080
The modifier must be connected to the anesthetic fee code(s) in order to allow the correct fee to be calculated. See the screenshot below as an example: 
Step 1: Enter the anesthetic fee code(s) you wish the modifier to be connected with, click Add Service.
Step 2: Enter the modifier 01080, check off the boxes of the anesthetic fee code(s) at the bottom, click Add Service. The proper fee will then be automatically calculated.
If you wish to edit the anesthetic fee code(s) to be connected, you can click the Edit (pen) button on the right-hand side of the code(s).  
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