OHIP Billing Tip #10 - Mobile app


Download the Mobile App


Create and manage your OHIP claims wherever you are with the Mobile App.

There is no additional charge to use the app and you do not have to use all the features. Some of our clients are using the app solely for capturing the patient information and then creating claims using the web portal. Whatever your preference, we are here to help you save time, and earn more.

Some of the feedback:
“It is a time saver!.. I’m telling it to all my friends” - Internist

“I love the ‘Sticker-To-Text’ feature it is addictive!” - Psychiatrist

“Adding patients is easy with the camera recognition and health card validation. I use my iPhone to upload my patients and then my MacBook to complete the billing process” - Anesthetist

“Billing recurring patients is a breeze. I don’t have to shuffle with paper billing sheets”- Hospitalist

Video 1 - Create Patients & Claims (2min)

Video 2 - Edit Claims (1:24min)

Video 3 - Manage Patient Lists (2:45min)


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