OHIP Billing Tip #1 - Getting Started with


How to get started with

Before you start billing, review these four (04) quick steps to set up your account and learn how to use the software. 

STEP 1) GoSecure / MCEDT setup (if you haven't done so already)
Please log into the portal -  under "Welcome" -> click on the "EDT" -> click "Setup" on the left menu and follow the instructions.
MDBilling settings menu

Alternatively, you can manually designate your EDT account to us. Here are the instructions: GoSecure / MCEDT setup (designation process)

If you have not enrolled in the MC EDT system, please click here to apply for an MC EDT account or contact the EDT Helpdesk at 1-800-262-6524.

IMPORTANT: Your claims cannot be transmitted to MoH until your EDT account is set up. If you have not enrolled for the MC EDT system, please apply for an MC EDT account by contacting the EDT Helpdesk at: 1-800 262-6524.

STEP 2) District office - choose the district office under <Welcome> (top right) -> Settings -> MY Details closest to your primary work location.  If you are not sure, contact the MoH Registration Office. They can be reached by email at:

MDBilling setup menuYour physician details in MDBilling
STEP 3) Watch the video tutorials (click here to watch our tutorials). You will be up and running in less than 15 minutes! If you are new to OHIP billing, we have created video tutorials in your discipline:

STEP 4) Download the Apple iOS mobile app (click here to download our medical billing app)

For more billing tips, please check out our Billing Tip Library.

Questions? Check under the HELP tab or send an email to

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