[BC MSP] How to Enter Facility Number


How do I enter a facility number

To enter the facility number, simply click Advanced Fields when creating a new claim to expand the claim page and see more fields (see screenshot below). You will then be able to search and select your facility.
Please note the the facility number isn't always required. It is usually required for diagnostic services, or if you are eligible for Business Cost Premiums. For the other situations, you can leave it blank.

The MSP provides a list of diagnostic facilities that are currently open and active. For reference purposes, the first character of each facility number indicates the 'type of service provided', as follows:

B - Specimen Collection Station

E - Electroencephalography (Eeg)

L - Laboratory Medicine

M - Electromyography (Emg)

N - Nuclear Medicine

P - Pulmonary Function

R - Radiology

S - Polysomnography

U - Diagnostic Ultrasound

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