Apple In-App Purchase (IAP) vs. Web subscription


What's the difference between Apple's in-app purchase (IAP) vs. web subscription?

What is Apple In-App Purchase (IAP)?

Apple offers an ability to purchase a software vendor's subscriptions through its App Store. Apple keeps 30% of the revenue and provides 70% of the rest to the software vendor. 

Why are you offering a different plan on the Apple App store (fixed monthly price) than your web subscription (% of paid claims)?

Apple is forcing all software vendors to offer an In-App Purchase option on their apps.  Failure to do so will result in our app being discontinued from the App store -- see Epic Games(Fornite) vs. Apple dispute.

We know that our customers love our pay-as-you-go (% based) pricing.  However, Apple's policy does not allow us to provide a % based pricing - only a fixed monthly fee.

I am an existing customer, do I need to subscribe through the Apple Store?

Not at all. 

If you are an existing customer, simply login with your existing credentials.



If you have forgotten your credentials, you can retrieve them as follows:

Do I have a choice to sign-up between the Apple In-App (fixed fee plan) vs. Web (%  paid claims)?

Absolutely! You can enroll through our typical web sign-up process. We will create your account within one business day and email your credentials. 

You can then login to the app under "Login with your account"


Can you summarize the differences between Apple In-App vs. Web subscriptions?


Apple In-App Purchase



Flat $44.99/month

Includes 1 hour of ad-hoc every 3 months.

0.25% of paid claims

Free Trial

First 30 days free


Sign-up process

Within the app

On the web

Deleting & reinstalling app

Once you re-install, you will be automatically signed in.

You will need to re-enter your credentials.

Cancelling Subscription

You will need to cancel within your iPhone/iPad:  Settings --> Your name (Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store) --> Subscriptions.

Refer for more details.

Your plan is pay-as-you-go. You will not be charged unless you have paid claims submitted through us.

If you still like to cancel, navigate to our web portal --> Settings --> Close My Account.

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