How to Bill A Pre-assigned Newborn Health Number



How do I bill a pre-assigned newborn Health Number

Physicians can use the pre-assigned newborn health card number to submit claims as usual.

Pre-assigned newborn health card numbers do not have a version code. The baby's family has 90 days to register the official health card number, which will be assigned a version code. If they register within 90 days, the claim will be processed with an explanation code EV (Check health card for current version). If they do not register the health card within 90 days, they have to re-apply and a brand new health card number will be assigned.

Please note: Newborn health cards may have processing delays depending upon if/when the parents have completed registration.  If you would like to verify that the health card for the infant has been registered, we suggest you follow up directly with the patient’s legal guardian/parents. If the patient was seen at a hospital, you can also follow up with patient accounts or check the patient record for any updates.

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