What to do if Health Card Validation (HCV) is Offline


 How to handle OHIP claims when HCV is offline

The Ministry of Health may experience issues with their Health Card Validation (HCV) service. Typically, the service is restored within minutes, so you can retry re-scanning or re-entering the patient's health card number.

During longer periods of an outage, you can continue saving the patient information and create your claim.  When using our mobile billing app, the patient record will be populated with temporary fields as shown below. Do not submit the claim to the Ministry of Health with this dummy text as it will be rejected. Leave the claim under the SAVED status until HCV is restored.



Once HCV is back online, navigate to the patient record and tap "Check & Retrieve Patient", this will re-run HCV and populate the Last Name, First Name, and DOB accordingly. 

You can then submit your claim to the Ministry of Health.

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