BCP Updates and Reminders (Effective May 1, 2020)


BCP Updates and Reminders (Effective May 1, 2020)

Effective May 1, 2020, the business cost premium (BCP) will be temporarily expanded to apply to Telehealth fee items, including phone and video communication with patients. This change ensures the BCP is paid during the COVID-19 pandemic, given the majority of these services would have normally been provided in-person ineligible physician's offices. To receive the BCP on Telehealth fees, please ensure your claims include the appropriate registered facility number and the community-based office service location code if the service had been performed face-to-face.   

Important reminder: To receive the BCP on submitted claims, all eligible physicians must submit a 'Practitioner Attachment to MSP Facility Number' form for each facility at which they provide eligible services. Facility administrators must submit the 'Practitioner Attachment to MSP Facility Number' form to be eligible for the BCP. Submitting the 'Application for Facility Number' alone will not attach the facility administrator to the facility to receive the BCP.

You can still register for the BCP. Follow the two-step process: 1) Obtain a facility number and 2) attach yourself to your facility number. Have all eligible physicians attach to your facility. For information about the BCP and how to register, visit  

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