How to Submit K087 / K088 / K089 without Patient Info


Question: How do I submit K087 / K088 / K089 without patient info?

Answer: To submit these codes in our system, you can create a dummy patient for codes that are not patient-specific.

  1. Create a dummy patient with the health card value of 9777777779 (with any name and DOB)
  2. Create a new claim with this patient
  3. When the claim is ready to be submitted to the Ministry, we will exclude the patient details entered.

Please note:

  • The codes cannot be billed using one of the COVID-19 Assessment Centre group billing numbers.
  • The codes cannot be billed with a Service Location Indicator of ‘OTN’.
  • Physicians will be paid Fee-For-Service for the above K-codes.
  • No additional premiums or payment will be allowed with these codes.
  • The fee billed on the claim should equal the value of the service multiplied by the number of patients serviced. For example, if K087 is claimed for 3 patients seen during the same day, the fee billed should be $71.25 (3 x $23.75).

For more details about the billing rules regarding these codes, please refer to the OHIP Bulletin# 4756.

You can also find more information in our COVID-19 OHIP medical billing support section.

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