How to Submit Virtual Care Program (OTN) Billings


How do I submit virtual care program billings

Question: I provided Virtual Care services via OTN. How do I add 'Service Location Indicator' to the claim?

Answer: Please follow these instructions: How to Select The Service Location Indicator (SLI).

Important notes regarding submission of virtual care claims:

All physician claims for video visits must include:
a) the appropriate OHIP Schedule of Benefits fee codes for the clinical care provided;
b) the appropriate Virtual Care Program B-code (i.e. B103A or B203A); and
c) the SLI set to “OTN” to indicate that a consult was done as a video visit.

All dentist claims for video visit must include:
a) at least one of the allowable dental “T” fee codes (i.e. T650, T651, T652, T811,
T812, T813);
b) the appropriate Virtual Care Program B-code (i.e. B103A);
c) the facility number of the approved OTN video solution location where the dentist was located when the service was rendered; and
d) the SLI set to “OTN” to indicate that a consult was done as a video visit.

  • physicians must be registered to bill OTN codes (Physicians submitting OTN billings must have completed and signed the Registration Form on the date of the OTN service in order to bill OHIP) - copy of form attached;

In order to submit the Virtual Care Program B-code, Physicians/Dentists must sign and complete an OHIP Virtual Care Physician & Dentist Registration Form to be registered as a virtual care provider
with the Ministry.

For more information about billing virtual care services via OTN, please see Virtual Care Billing Information Manual.

For billing related inquiries, please contact the Service Support Contact Centre at 1-800-262-6524 or For specific questions about conducting video visits, please contact


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