How to Submit H409 / H410


Question: How do I bill H409 / H410 without patient info?

Answer: To submit these two codes in our system, you are able to create a dummy patient for codes that are not patient specific.

  1. Create a dummy patient with the health card value of 9777777779 (with any name and DOB)
  2. Create a new claim with this patient
  3. When the claim is ready to be submitted to the Ministry, we will exclude the patient details entered.

Assessment Centre group number:

On the web:

please go to Settings (under <Welcome>) ->My MOH Group -> Create a group with the Assessment Centre group number -> Add New (please disregard the MOH Group Designation popup message). You will then be able to select the group number when creating a new claim. 

On the mobile app:

Under the left menu -> Preferences -> MOH Groups -> Create -> Enter group number -> submit. The group number will be selectable when creating a new claim.

NOTE: Please ensure this Mxxx group number (assessment centre number) should not be selected when billing service codes other than H409/ H410.

Please refer to the OHIP Bulletin #4755 for more details about the billing rules.

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