How to Generate An Outside Use Report


What is an "Outside use report"?

Outside Use is a core service that is provided to enrolled patients by any family physician who is not affiliated with the patient’s primary care group. The Outside Use Report (patients with signed consent) includes outside use details for each physician within a specific primary care group to assist in the calculation of their Access Bonus payment. The report is delivered to registered primary care physicians and groups within the first week of the month.

How do I Generate an "Outside use report"?

You can log in to your Go Secure account to access this report. 

Here are the instructions:

  1. Log into your Go Secure account
  2. Select "MC EDT Service (Upload/Download)" from the drop-down menu - Access Service

Administration of MOHLTC services screen

  1. Click "Download" 
  2. Find the Outside Use Report (if any)

    Outside use report tag

  1. Click "Download" 
  2. A .txt file will be saved to your local drive.
  3. Add .XML extension to the file name.


  4. Open Microsoft Excel, select "Open" file


  5. Select "Open as XML table.


  6. The Outside Use Report will open as an Excel table.

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