Maximum Quantity of K083


Question: I’m getting error A3H (Max # Ser FSM Ref MC) when I tried to bill 92 units of K083A. Is there a limit for K083?


Answer: The Ministry of Health's system was designed to only accept a maximum of 80 units for K083. As such, a K083 with over 80 units needs to be broken into two claims.

For example, if you want to submit a K083 and the total number of units is 92, you need to create two identical claims - Claim #1 with 80 units and Claim #2 with 12 units. (see below screenshots). 

Claim #1

Claim #2

REMINDER: You will need to flag both claims as manual review by checking the "Manual Review" box and fax your a note to Ministry of Health.

For instruction on how to flag a claim as manual review, please see OHIP Billing Tip #11 - Manual Review.

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