How to Register for Gosecure/ MCEDT


How to register for a Gosecure / MCEDT account


All physicians billing under their solo (0000) billing number need to register for their Gosecure/ MCEDT account

Gosecure:  Physician portal from the Ministry of Health to help you manage permissions of your claims with your billing software or billing agent (this is also known as the "designation" process).

MCEDT:  Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer - This is the system that allows billing software to upload and download your claims. Permissions to this system is managed by the Gosecure portal by the physician.


When you registered for your OHIP billing number, you should have obtained an invitation letter to register your Gosecure/MCEDT account. It contains two "Unique Identifiers" that'll you need to enter during this setup process.

Note: If you don't have this letter and you already have a billing number contact the Ministry of Health by email: or phone: 1-800 262-6524 to have one re-issued.


Step 1: Navigate to the Gosecure portal and register as a "new user"

Step 2: Create your personal details; password; and personal verification questions

Step 3: Validate your account by receiving the email from Gosecure and clicking on the URL provided


Step 4: Login to Gosecure -->  select "New User"  --> enter your "Unique Identifiers" **don't forget this step!**




You are now done with the registration of your Gosecure/MCEDT account!.. the next step is to designate to (see below).


This is the process to give "permission" to upload/download your claims.

The best and easiest approach is to enter your Gosecure credentials within the secure portal. We can take care of the entire designation process and test that our systems are connected with Gosecure.

Navigate to the top-right gear icon --> EDT


then navigate to Setup --> and follow the instructions.


Alternatively, you can manually designate to


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