Add or Remove Physicians (Billing Agent)


How to manage medical billing users

For Billing Agents with an enterprise license, you can request to add or remove a physician from your profile.


Add Physicians

Step 1:  Navigate to Top Right --> Add/ Remove Physicians



Step 2: Enter the physician's details. 

Step 3: The district office are typically as follows:

  • Hamilton office -- West and including of North York General Hospital
  • Oshawa office - East and including Scarborough General Hospital, and north of Steeles avenue
  • Toronto office - anywhere else with 416 area code

Step 4: These are the Ministry of Health groups that you have access to. Select the MOH groups that you want to bill for the physician.  Do not add a group(s) that you will not be billing. If the MOH group is not available on the interface, please contact so that it can be added.

Step 5: This will be the default MOH group when you create a new claim for the physician.

Step 6 (if available): Select the Patient Database for this physician. Be careful to use the correct one.

Step 7: You can add other billing agents to manage this physician. If the billing agent account does not exist in the system, you can contact one of the physicians to manually add him/her (How to manage users), or contact for assistance.


If the physician already exists in our system, an email will be automatically sent to the physician to request approval for your access. The physician needs to follow the instructions provided in email and approve your access. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email that the physician has been added to your profile.

If the physician has not approved your access (i.e. under PENDING REQUEST), please follow up with the physician.



Edit Physicians (MoH Group)

If you want to change the MoH Group(s) that the physician bills under. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Under REMOVE PHYSICIAN, click Action -> Edit


Step 2: Check off the appropriate group(s)


Step 3: Click Save


Remove Physician

If you need to remove physicians from your account, you can do so under REMOVE PHYSICIAN -> click Action -> Delete



Once you submit the form we will set up the MCEDT/Gosecure profile for the physician. This may take up to 24 hours.




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