Difference between "Add Service and Submit (F11)" versus "Save and Submit (F12)"


What is the difference between "Add Service and Submit (F11)" and "Save and Submit (F12)"

Question: I cannot find the distinction between "Add Service and Submit F11" versus "Save and Submit F12" once I have completed a claim. Is it submitted to MOHLTC regardless of which is used?
I used F11 on all claims that I created and none shows up under 'Saved Claims'; so I tried editing a couple and selecting F12 instead - those also do not show up under 'Saved Claims'.

Answer: Clicking either "Add Service and Submit (F11)" or "Save and Submit (F12)" will submit the claim to the MOHLTC

"Add Service and Submit (F11)" - Add the service code and submit the claim
"Save and Submit (F12)" - Submit the claim without adding another service code

If you click "Add Service and Submit (F11)" every time after entering one service code (see screenshot below), your claims will always be submitted with one service code only. Please note that you can add multiple entries (i.e. service codes) in one claim. You are suggested to click "Add Entry (F7)" then "Save" or "Save and Submit" if you want to bill multiple codes for the same patient.
Create a claim screen

If you are entering the next service code and see both "Add Service and Submit (F11)" and "Save and Submit (F12)" buttons, the service code you are entering will not be saved if you click "Save and Submit (F12)" because it was not added. Please see the screenshot as an example, you have added A005A and now you are entering K999A, you will have to do either one of the following in order to get both codes submitted.
1. click "Add Entry (F7)" -> "Save and Submit (F12)" 
2. click "Add Service and Submit (F11)"

Create a claim screen filled in
You will only see claims under "Saved Claims" if you click "Save (F8)" and the status of the claim is "Saved". You are suggested to save the claims first before submitting because you can review the claims with our clinical logic warnings if any. For example, when a referring physician is required for the service codes entered and it is missing in the claim, a warning message will show as a reminder after the claim is saved.

See the video tutorial How to Enter a Claim for more details.

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