Time Unit Entry for Surgical Assistant Codes


How to enter time units for surgical assistant codes


How exactly do I input a claim for time units for surgical assists?

For instance for a claim of R107B how do I input a claim for 3 time units.


The total units for surgical assistant billing codes = Basic units + Time units. On the claim page, you only need to enter the time units. Once you click "Add entry", our system will automatically add the basic units to the total. 

For example, you want to bill R107B, the basic unit is 6 and the time unit is 3. The total units will be 9 (6+3). On the claim page, you will be entering Quantity = 3 and then click add entry. You will see the quantity of the R107B becomes 9 because the basic unit (6) is automatically included.
Basic time unit example from Schedule of Benefits
In addition, we have a time-saving feature - Time Unit Quantity (Anesthesia/Surgical). Enabling this feature allows our system to calculate the time units for you based on the start and end time entered on the claim page.Time unit entry on

For more details, see OHIP Billing Tip #30 - Time Units, Surgical/Anesthesia

Here is a video tutorial Surgery Features (1:58 min) on how to activate the feature.

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