OHIP Submission Cut-Off Dates


Why do claims that are submitted after the cut-off date get paid


I would like to clarify what "paid this month" on the dashboard means. When I highlight the bubble, it says any claims submitted by the 18th of the prior month will be paid on the 10th business day of the current month. However, when I click on the "paid this month" bubble to open the report, I see claims going much past the 18th of the month. Could you please clarify that? 


Claims submitted by the 18th of the month will typically be processed for approval the following month. Depending on the workload at the Ministry of health, claims submitted after the 18th may still be processed and paid in the next payment cycle, but not guaranteed

Here is more information about the claim submission deadline.
Also, our learn OHIP billing guide can help you get started.

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