Humber River Hospital 4800 Facility Inactive


Which facility should I use if Humber River Hospital 4800 is inactive


I internal medicine/critical care at Humber River Hospital, Wilson site. Previously, I have used facility code 4800 for my billings. Today I have noticed that 4800 is designated “inactive facility.” 

Please advise which facility number I should be using.


The facility number 4800 HUMBER RIVER HOSPITAL - WILSON SITE TORONTO (GR) has recently been removed from the Ministry's Master Numbering System.

Facility number 4799 (AT) for acute care is still active and the MoH will not likely reject the claims.

You can use either Facility number 4799 (AT) for acute care or 4802 (AM) for ambulatory care. The 4800 Wilson Site (GR) facility number was for the rehab center.
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