How To Correct EH2 (version code) Rejection On Mobile App?


Correcting OHIP error code EH2 on a mobile billing app


Hello, can you please give step-by-step instructions on how to correct a claim rejection due to version code (EH2) using the mobile app? 


An OHIP EH2 error code means the version code (2 letters after the 10 digit health card number) does not match with the MOHLTC’s record for the specific service date. The current version code becomes invalid when the patient's health card expires, the patient renews his/her health card, or it is reported lost/stolen.

To correct an EH2 error, you will need to contact the patient for the new and old version code. If the patient has not renewed their health card, you will need to ask them to visit a Service Ontario office to have their card renewed. If you work at a hospital, they will be following up with the patient for a new version code, so you can check with the hospital’s database and see if the version code has been updated.

Once you obtain the applicable version code, you will need to log into the mobile app, and update the patient profile and resubmit the claim. Please follow these steps:
     1. Go to Search Patients 
     2. Find and select the patient's profile 
     3. Then on the Edit Patient page, select the Version Code field and edit the version code
     4. Select Save Patient
     5. Next you will need to select the red Rejected claim bubble
     6. Select the rejected claim
     7. Then click Save & Submit Claim  
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