ESubmit Services


Using the OHIP eSubmit Service

The eSubmit service provides a secure electronic channel for submitting documents containing personal health information to the ministry. This includes Remittance Advice Inquiries and supporting documentation; such as operative reports, consult report/notes, etc. required to adjudicate complex claims.

eSubmt is accessed directly through your Go Secure Account. Please see more information about MoH  eSubmit process: esubmit for supporting documentation
This service can be used to submit supporting documentation or RA Inquiries.
Log in to your Go Secure account -> select ESUBMIT services -> click Access Service 

Alternatively, you could fax supporting documentation or RA Inquiries to your MOH District Office.


How to see RA inquiry responses 

To access MoH responses sent to you via eSubmit, please follow these steps:


1. Log in to Go Secure
2. On the Administration page: 
- Click Access Service


3. On the Medical Claims Electronic Data Transfer page:
- Select Download
4. On the Available Report page
- Search pages for GCM (General Communications) File Type
- Click Download
- The file will download in PDF format



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