Two Factor Authentication


How to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) with

Set up two-factor authentication to keep your account extra secure. Two-factor authentication means that you'll need two forms of identification to log into your account: your login credentials, and a unique 6 digit PIN generated by us sent to you over SMS/Text or email.

Two-factor authentication adds an extra step to your login process, but the security benefits make it worthwhile.

Setup instructions:

  • You'll need to have your mobile device or email accessible.
  • Navigate to Settings --> Passwords --> Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Choose either SMS/Text (better security) or email
  • You will be sent a unique 6 digit PIN. Note: the 6 digit PIN expires after 5 minutes.
  • Enter the 6 digit PIN



Next time you login, a unique 6 digit PIN will be generated and sent to either you over SMS/Text or email.


For subsequent login attempts within 90 days, we will not ask you for your PIN.

Keep mind we use browser cookies to determine the last time you logged in. A unique 6 digit PIN will generated and required under following circumstances:

  • 90 days has passed since you last entered your 6 digit PIN.
  • You login with a different browser.
  • You use a shared computer (another user utilizes the same browser to login).
  • You open your browser in private/incognito mode.


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