Billing Profiles for Billing Agents



For Billing Agents with numerous physicians, the Billing Profile feature allows for different settings to co-exist within your account. This is useful when you bill for multiple groups of physicians with different practices.

Use cases:

  • Group of physicians with different specialties (ie/ Sub-specialty vs. Medicine billing)
  • Group of Physicians with different locations (Clinic vs. inpatient billing)

As an example, you bill for a group of Respirologist at a clinic and also group of Hospitalists:

You can setup the Billing Profile called "Resipirology Clinic" with the following settings:

  • Facility: Outpatient/No Facility
  • Enable Last Diagnostic Code for Patient
  • Favourite codes: A475A, A7XA, E078A

and another Billing Profiled called "Hospitalists" with the following settings:

  • Facility: Mount Sinai (AT)
  • Enable Last Admission Date for Patient
  • Favourite codes: A933A, E082A, A007, IPTMA


Available Settings:

A unique Billing Profile can be configured with the following settings:

  • Time saving preferences
  • Templates
  • Favourites
  • Forms & Document Details


How do I create & assign a profile?
You can create multiple billing profiles to your account by enabling the feature as follows:

Top right  --> [Gear Icon] --> Billing Profiles -->  Enable this feature



Please note a MAIN profile is automatically created which will contain your current settings.

You must use a unique name when creating a new Billing Profile. Once the profile is created, you can assign multiple physicians to your current session. 



When you first login, you will also experience a new column when selecting a physician, allowing you to know which Billing Profile is currently assigned.



How do I customize a profile?
When you navigate to one of your settings, select the Billing Profile you like to apply. The specific settings you configure will only apply to the Billing Profile you have chosen.





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