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I know there was an option for WSIB billing through the software. I was wondering if i use this option does the software automatically Harte OMA rates or just standard OHIP rates?

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Hello Dr. S.,

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You can use our software to bill the MOHLTC for insured services using the MOHLTC Schedule of Benefits and indicate 'WCB' as the Payment Program when creating a patient's profile. For example, use the code A001 for minor assessment or A007 for intermediate assessment. The WSIB and the MOHLTC have a billing agreement in place.  The billing for these codes would be under the standard OHIP Billing rate.

Please note when a WSIB claim is submitted through MoH, any supporting documents (e.g. patient notes) will need to be faxed to the MoH district office in order for the MoH medical adjudicators to review the notes before processing the claim. 
Billing for some forms and services not found in the schedule of benefits is completed through Telus Health Solutions.

For more information, you can call the Telus Health Solutions Help Desk at 1-866-240-7492 follow this link to sign up for an eProvider account Sign up

I have enclosed a link to the WSIB website: WSIB Ontario

Information for physicians can be found by selecting 'Health Care Practitioners' at the top menu then selecting 'provider information'. You should be able to find specific information for physicians on this page. 

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