V65 Rejection

Can you guide me what is v65 error and how to correct it
Dr C.
Hi Dr. C,

Thank you for your email.

I believe your question is related to “how to bill OHIP”, as opposed to “how to use” our software. Your type of question is typically answered by our Full Service (billing services) team for clients who have subscribed to that plan. See our product & pricing plans here: We also provide ad-hoc services at $50/hour.

However, I happen to know the answer to your question and I can provide some insight. The V65 rejection notes that a master number is missing. To overcome this rejection, you will need to select the applicable facility (where the patient was seen) to each claim that has been rejected with code V65.

You can obtain answers to common billing questions by doing the following: 

1. Contacting your Ministry of Health Claim Assessor for advice: How do I find my Claim Assessor?
2. Reviewing the Schedule of Benefits: Physician Services Under the Health Insurance Act
3. Searching our Knowledgebase: Knowledge Base
4. By signing up for our Full-Service package, or Ad-hoc services: Pricing

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance.

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