Import Claims - Upload Errors


When importing claims using our Excel template, any rows on the spreadsheet that are missing information will be listed on the Upload Claim Error window.

If you notice errors during import, but the cells in the spreadsheet are showing correctly, it may be due to "special hidden" characters in the template (likely from a carriage return or space, from when the rows were copy and pasted from your application).

In the example below, row 15, 19, 101 in the template have service codes populated.  However, during the import, error message were showing with: 'No services found for claim'.


To avoid this issue, copy and paste the rows from your existing spreadsheet into a new spreadsheet, using the Paste Special - VALUES feature from MS Excel.  This will remove any special hidden characters.
Steps as follows:

1) Select all rows from original spreadsheet -> Right Click --> COPY image.png


2) Open new spreadsheet template.  Right Click --> PASTE SPECIAL -->  VALUES




3) Upload new spreadsheet into


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