Invoice Questions (Deductions)

On my recent invoice I was billed for a $8042.72 payment in December ($7648.91 payed by OHIP), $7236.04 in November ($6914.04 paid) and $5104.96 in October ($4877.84 paid). Please advise. Thank you. Dr. W.
Dr. W,
Thank you for your email.  You have deductions due to the 'payment opted in' transaction.  More information here:
Please note that our fees are calculated based on the 'total paid' amount, which exclude all Accounting Transactions.
The calculation of our Self-Service fees excludes accounting transactions, as some physicians may receive special funding or deductions from the Ministry of Health (ex/ Northern Ontario subsidies; Group APP deductions; Roster premiums, etc..) which are not attributed to claim submissions through As such, there is no way for us to know for a particular month if and when a physician may receive a positive or negative accounting transaction.
We could have chosen a rate of 0.3% and include all deductions. Instead, we decided on a slightly lower rate (0.25%) and exclude all accounting transactions. Overall, customers love our pricing plan as it is aligned with their revenue. Although our calculation is not based exactly on the deposit amount, however, it is very close.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
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