OHIP Billing Tip #36 - Group vs Solo EDT Account


What's the difference between a group and a solo EDT account

If you are submitting solo claims only, your MCEDT account is required to configure with our system in order for us to access your EDT files. If you are also submitting claims under a group, the group EDT account will also need to be designated to us in order to access to the group files.

Where do the EDT files go?

The EDT file output will always go to the assigned group. As an example: if Claim 1 is submitted under group ABCD, it will return to the EDT group account ABCD. If you submit Claim 1 with group 0000 (SOLO), it will always return to EDT group account 0000.

As such, if you are billing multiple groups, we will need an EDT account corresponding to each group (NOTE: Group =0000 is the SOLO designation).

How to set up your EDT account

Set up an EDT account with our system

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