Billing More Than 99 Time Units


How to Bill More than 99 Surgical Assistant / Anesthesia Units

The Ministry of Health's system was designed to only accept 2 digits for the quantity. As such, a service with over 99 units needs to be broken into two lines of service.

For example, if you want to submit a procedure and the total number of units is 120 (basic units + time units), you need to create one claim with two identical service codes - Line 1 with 99 units and Line 2 with 21 units. 




REMINDER: You will need to flag the claim as manual review by checking the "Manual Review" box and submit a letter (with the start/ stop times and a total of units of the service) along with your patient notes (if required) to the Ministry of Health:  

  • by fax: 905-434-4186
  • via eSubmit


For instructions on how to create a Manual Review letter, please see Manual Review Instructions.

For more billing tips, please check out our OHIP Billing Tip Library.

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