OHIP Billing Tip #30 - Billing in Multiple Specialties


How to bill OHIP under multiple specialties

On the web, to bill under multiple specialties, you can enable a feature by going to Settings (under username) → Select "My Preferences" on the left menu → Select "Enable Multiple Specialty Billing" → Save. settings menu My preferences in MDBilling.caSelecting enable multiple specialities

There will be a drop-down menu for you to select a different specialty when you create a new claim. Keep in mind that you will need to use the appropriate service code for the discipline, and ensure that your specialty has been registered with the Ministry of Health on or before the service date.

Selecting your medical specialty

On the mobile app, you can enable this feature by going to "Preferences" → toggle on "Enable Multiple Specialty Billing" 



If you are a sub-specialist, you will need to register your new specialty with the Ministry of Health. The certification date from the Royal College is not automatically sent to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health will confirm your sub-specialty and provide an effective date.  You can submit claims under your new specialty, but the service date must be >= effective date.

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