OHIP Billing Tip #30 - Time Saving Tip - Enable Last Diagnostic Code for Patient


Enable Last Diagnostic Code for Patient

For users who encounter the same diagnosis for the same patient, you can enable a feature called "Enable Last Diagnostic Code for Patient" in our system.

As an example, if you are following a patient who has heart failure, you can enable this feature to have the diagnosis code 428 (heart failure) pre-populated for all the new claims for this patient.

To enable this feature, please go to Settings (under username) -> "My Preferences” (on the left menu). settings menu My billing preferences

Under “TIME SAVING FEATURES (BASIC)”, select "Enable Last Diagnostic Code for Patient" and save.

Enable last diagnostic code for patient

When creating a new claim, the diagnostic code that was used in the last claim for that patient will be pre-populated. 

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