OHIP Billing Tip #21 - Updating Banking with the Ministry


Update Banking Information with the Ministry
Users will get paid by direct deposit from the Ministry. In order to update your banking information, please complete and sign the Application for OHIP Direct Bank Payment for Health Care Professionals form 7698-84

Once completed, send it to

Please submit the form with a void cheque.

The ministry requests that you also take this opportunity to confirm and/or update your:
• Practice Address
• Mailing Address (if different from Practice Address)
• Telephone Number
• Fax Number
• E-mail address

To make any required changes, please use the Change of Address for Health Care
Professionals form 4885-84E

Both forms may be submitted to:

Ministry of Health
Claims Services Branch
Provider Registry Unit
PO Box 68
Kingston ON K7L 5K1
Fax: 613-545-5848

For more billing tips, please check out our "Weekly Tip Library" at

Questions? Check under the HELP tab or send an email to

Thank you, Ltd.

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