OHIP Billing Tip #23 - Group Billing


How to bill OHIP under a group - Setting up MoH groups

If the user wants to submit billings under a group, please go to Settings (under username) -> Select "My MOH Groups" on the left menu.

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Add or delete an MoH group. You can select the group as default under "Action" (on the right-hand side if you mainly submit group billings.


You will then see a drop-down list for you to select the group number when you create a new claim.



To set up MoH Groups on the mobile app:

Under Preferences -> Toggle "Enable Multiple Group Billing" ON -> Tap on MOH Groups


You will be able to create a new MOH group: Tap on Create (top right) -> Enter your group number and tap Create again. 


You will get a confirmation message that the group is created.


You will then be able to select this new group number from the MOH group drop down menu:



For more information on Group and Solo billings please see this article: Group and Solo OHIP Billing

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