OHIP Billing Tip #3 - Claims are Unsubmitted


What are unsubmitted OHIP claims

By clicking "Save and Submit", your claims will go into "Unsubmitted" status and they will be transmitted to the Ministry of Health on the next day morning. Claims will stay in the “Unsubmitted” status until the transmission occurs. Please note an "Unsubmitted" claim can be edited.

If you have some submitted claims and they do not change from "Unsubmitted" status after the transmission occurs, you will need to confirm that you have designated Ltd as the EDT Designee and have granted full permissions for us to upload/download files in your MC EDT account.

**Please note that the submission deadlines for each month are the 18th. It is best to have all claims submitted on the night of the 17th for the upload on the morning of the 18th in order to be paid in the following month. Please see the deadlines for 2019/2020 submissions:

2019 and 2020 OHIP payment cut off dates.png

For more billing tips, please check out our OHIP billing tip library.

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