OHIP Billing Tip #21 - Submitting an RA Inquiry


How to Submit an RA (remittance advice) Inquiry

To submit an RA Inquiry, you can create an RA Inquiry form on the system by going to the REPORTS & FORMS -> RA Inquiry.

MDBilling RA inquiry menu

From there enter the claim ID, select the service code, and fill in the information to be fixed on the claim.

Find claim for RA inquiry

Once the PDF form is created, print it off and fax it to the MoH at 905-434-4186.

RA inquiry form with details populated

There is a helpful video showing you how to submit an RA inquiry.

Alternatively, you can submit an RA inquiry through eSubmit on the Go Secure website. Here is the instruction: eSubmit Quick Guide

After submitting your RA inquiry, you can follow up the MoH (toll-free number: 1-800-262-6524)

If you have over 25+ claims submitted with the same error, you can submit a "bulk adjustment" request. Please contact the MoH (1-800-262-6524) for more details. 

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