OHIP Billing Tip #4 - Resubmitting a Rejected Claim


How to resubmit a rejected OHIP claim

To resubmit a rejected claim on web portal:

1. Select Rejected Claims on the left menu or search for Rejected claims by going to Lookup Claims. rejected claims menumceclip2.png

2. Click on the Accounting ID to open the claim and find the reasons for the rejection.

The rejection code/error message will be highlighted in red within the claim and will indicate the reason for the rejection.

OHIP rejection code

3. Review the services billed and use the Action button (on the right side of the service code) to edit the claim information

Medical billing rejection management


4. Click Update, then Save & Submit.

Here is the video instruction: How to Resubmit Claims


To resubmit a rejected claim on the mobile app:

1. Tap on the Rejected bubble

Medical billing app claim rejection menu


2. Select the claim that needs to be edited

3. Tap on Services Entered

medical billing claim rejection management


4. Swipe left and delete the service that needs to be corrected.

medical billing rejection management app


5. Go back and re-enter the service with the correct information.

6. Tap on Save Claim or Save and Submit Claim

manage your medical billing claim rejections


Note: If the rejection is related to the patient information, facility, referring physician, etc., users can correct it on the main claim page without going through steps 3 to 5.

For instructions on Resubmission of Stale Dated Rejected Claim

Instructions on correcting EH2 (Invalid Version Code) error:

How to quickly fix OHIP error code EH2 (web)

Correcting EH2 error on a mobile billing app


For more information about the rejection codes, please check out OHIP Rejection Library.

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