OHIP Billing Tip #22 - Time Saving Tip - Entering Multiple MRP Premiums


Entering multiple MRP (Most Responsible Physician) premium

Here is an easier way to add MRP premiums to service codes for multiple service dates.

Go to Settings (under username) -> select “My Preferences” on the left menu. settings menu Set your medical billing preferences


Scroll to “Time saving features (Advanced)” and select “Enable Templates”. Please also click "Enable Multiple Service Dates Entry" and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Select multiple service dates and enable templates

Select “Add template” on the left menu -> Enter a template name -> Enter the service codes -> Add entry (please note when adding a percentage premium the associated parent code needs to be selected) -> Save Template. service menu, add template highlighted

Add billing template window
Create a new claim, add in the service dates, and load the new template.

Load template window when creating a new claim

Alternatively, you can use our automatic code: IPTMA. You can find more information under the HELP menu --> Automatic codes.

Use automatic billing codes under the help menu 

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